Dr. Nelson owns and operates a chiropractic sports medicine clinic and strength & conditioning business near Salt Lake City Utah. While earning his doctoral degree, he completed a dual program masters degree in exercise science from the University of Missouri. While in graduate school Dr. Nelson worked with the University of Missouri athletics department and currently is employed through two colleges in Utah.  Upon completion of his masters internship he became certified through the NSCA as a Strength and Conditioning Specialist. His formal training on the use of blood flow restriction came through working closely with James Stray-Gundersen M.D. at the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Center of Excellence in Park City Utah. Dr. Nelson is the co-founder and a content creator for The Performance Climbing Coach seminar series, The Camp4 Performance Climbing Assessment, and The Bstrong BFR Certification Course. In addition to teaching clinics around the world his research interests are two fold: (1) using a custom strain gauge (Exsurgo Technologies) to quantify performance and fatigue measures in rock climbing athletes, and (2) the use of blood flow restriction training in conjunction with regular high intensity finger loading as a mechanism to offset tendon load volume while targeting muscular recruitment for optimized finger strength at reduced loads.